Introducing the NEW Social Media Center on VectorConnect

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Facebook Training, Social Media, Social Media Training
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One of the best things we offer people is a network of individuals connected by their time with Vector Marketing. By encouraging your reps to get connected in the NEW Social Media Center on VectorConnect, you are helping them develop one of the most important skills in life: NETWORKING.

Here are some thoughts that will help you navigate the Social Media Center once you’ve logged into VectorConnect.

  1. You can also access the NEW PR link from the home screen navigation to direct your reps. Stay tuned for some best practices using this link.
  2. Access the Social Media Center by clicking the other red box on the home screen.

Once you’ve done that, you will see a list of the different social networks where we have a presence. If you’re on one or more of them, reach out and connect because we want to hear from you and want to hear the stories of your people!

What you see in the ‘Facebook – Regional’ section will be dependent on what Region, Division and Office you’re in. If your Division or Office does not have a page, you will not see an option for those pages. There won’t be a drop down menu for your people either, as they will only see the pages for the Division and Office in which they’re a part.

Does your Division or Office not yet have a page?  No worries! Click here to get started setting up your office’s Facebook presence. There will soon be coming instructions about how you can add/edit your office’s page information directly from VectorConnect.

Enter your email on the left so you can subscribe to future updates and be the first to know of any Social Media developments that will help your business!

Questions? Fire away in the comments.

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