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“Customers must recognize that you stand for something.”

— Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks —

Who has the more consistent brand on Facebook?

I want Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery to be as widely recognized as Starbucks. While each Starbucks you patron will consist of different people, giving each location a different personality, the general feel of the brand is uniform. You get this feeling when looking at how their brand is portrayed on Facebook.

Understanding that each office has an individual personality that is reflective of the local leader (YOU), it is important to realize that, like Starbucks, there are guidelines each office should follow to ensure our brand is fully recognizable in the most positive way. The company gives the brand life, but you give the brand personality by how you run your office, and your office’s personality will be reflected in the Facebook page you create.

Here are a few tips to ensure your office’s brand on Facebook has life and personality:

Click here for the full list of branding guidelines for your office’s page.