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Not since the clash of the titans have we seen a match up of such epic proportions. Since the June 28th rollout of Google+ several million people have rushed to the new shiney object in the room (guilty) to get one simple question answered: “Is this the real deal?”

At first glance, you might think Facebook already has all the features of Google+. Besides, why the heck would you want to go through the hassle of convincing your friends to hop on the Google+ Bandwagon (or GPB)?

What I’ve noticed so far is that this is exactly the type of social network that working professionals have been looking for. Check out Google+: The Complete Guide for everything to set you on the right course in this new world. So, why should you hop on the GPB?

  • Keep Your Friends Close & Your Colleagues Closer 

 Google+ Circles and Facebook Lists are very similar on the surface. Here’s the major difference: Google+ allows you to share what you want with whom you want, while Facebook only hides certain people from seeing your posts. For example, I have several lists that I have hidden from seeing posts, pictures and other links I share on Facebook. I have no way of directly sharing any nuggets of relevance with people in those hidden lists. Google+ allows me to include which circles I want to see on each post I share! This allows for a true separation between professional and social life for those who so desire. This, in my opinion, is reason enough to make the transition, and invite everyone you know to the GPB.

  • A Place Where the Beer Flows like Wine

A synergistic workflow between Google documents, calendars and Google+ makes this the place where I can share a google doc with co-workers in my ‘newsfeed’, and without flipping back and forth between screens, I can see what Mashable has shared most recently…. in the same newsfeed. The only thing similar within Facebook is Groups. But if you’ve ever wanted to share documents within a group, you know that your formatting is incredibly limited, and don’t even think about sharing a power point presentation or spreadsheet in group. Google’s synergy makes life better.

  • Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright

Currently I am paying a monthly subscription to Skype so I can group video chat with up to 10 people. July will be the last month of that subscription. Google+’s Hangouts feature allows users to group video chat with up to 10 people for free.

There are several other differences between the two networks, but to get a feel for them, you have to experience Google+ for yourself. I’ve had a great 7 years with Facebook (and we will never officially break up), but the more and more I get to know G+, the more it grows on me.

What are your experiences with Google+? What differenes do you notice?