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With the launch of the Social Media Center on Wednesday, May 9th, reps and managers will be able to more easily stay connected and share their experiences of Vector Marketing. When you now log into VectorConnect, this is what you will see:

Once you’ve clicked on the RED BOX highlighting the Social Media Center, you will be taken to a new page where you can stay connected on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and our blogs.

What I want to point out is that if you do not see a space for your office (where the big orange arrow is pointing), you will need to add your office’s Facebook page so that you and your reps can be easily directed to it. Read on to find out how.

Here is how you can add your office’s Facebook page if it’s not showing up.

(If you are still one of the few District or Pilot offices who don’t have a fan page, click here to find out how to create a page.)

Step 1: Click on the “My Office” tab across the top
Step 2: Click on “Office Management” on the left
Step 3: Click on “Office Profile”
Step 4: At the bottom, add your page’s link and click submit.

(For Step 4, go to your page on Facebook, copy the URL from your browser, and paste it in the space below)

Reps in Branch offices will see a link to the District’s page.

You can easily have your reps like your page in training by asking them to text “like (Your Page’s URL)”, for example “like VectorMarketingMerrillvilleIN” to 32665. Don’t include the quotation marks. Have reps reply to the confirmation text they get with “Unsubscribe” so they don’t get text messages each time you post as your page. It would drive me crazy, and I’m sure it would drive them crazy too.

But this will be a great way for them to connect with us in the different social networks of which they may be a part.

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