Social Media Training

Running an effective office in the New Era of Vector Marketing will take a different kind of skill set than was required in the past. The best leaders in Vector are the best at engaging people in a meaningful way at the individual level. They understand that each person in their office, from Recruiting Assistants to Sales Reps to Sales Managers, needs to be treated and respected as individuals. No role in the office is a small role.

Leaders in the past era of Vector were great at engaging in the offline world. In the New Era, effectively engaging with people online will be just as important as engaging with them offline.

Today, 98% of people from 18-23 years old are on Facebook. The effective leader in the New Era of Vector Marketing will not only be an expert offline engager of people, but she will be an expert online engager by mastering the tools available to her.

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  1. Nick Matlack says:

    Hey Justin,

    I already have a facebook page from the company with 22 friends(building).

    How do i get my facebook link to promote to my reps to see and friend the page…

    For instance vector marketings main page is

    my office is nw albuquerque. can you please help, thanks

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