Facebook is the hub for communicating with people in your office, division, region and nation. It’s important to get your office’s page up and running so you can leverage your time, and effectively engage with people on your team. These trainings are in order, and typically build upon each other. If you’d like to see a specific topic covered, leave it in the comments!

As you’re aware, Facebook can be an effective time waster, and my intent to help you Facebook with focus!

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Training #1 – How to Create a List on Facebook

Training #2 – Converting a Facebook Profile to a Page

Training #3 – Branding Guidelines for Your Office’s Page

Training #4 – How to Create Your Office’s Fan Page

Training #5 – How to Set a Facebook Vanity URL for Your Office

Training #6 – How to Tag a Fan of Your Page

Training #7 – Generate Fans for Your Facebook Page by Text Message

Training #8 – Why to Include Your Address in Your Page – Geolocation

Training #9 – Facebook Timeline for Pages: Making the Switch for Your Office

Training #10 – Facebook with Focus: How to not Waste Time While Facebooking

Training #11 – How to Set Your Office’s Profile Image Thumbnail

When prompted in the training to fill out an Office Fan Page request form, click here.

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