How to Create a List on Facebook

“Keep your friends close, and your [reps] closer.”

~Adaptation from Michael Corleone in Godfather II~

Facebook’s Edgerank: It’s the algorithm used to filter your newsfeed based on relevancy so you don’t start to feel like Neo; trying to find meaning from a constantly scrolling stream of data.

However, what if you want to engage with a certain group of people more than another? How do you see only a specific group of individuals you would like to stalk more than the rest? How do you organize your life on Facebook so that it’s less tempting to be a time suck? Still friends with your ex and don’t want them to see how much better your life is now?

Create Facebook lists.

Watch the video to learn more.

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  1. Todd Straugh says:


    This seems like great stuff but myself and multiple other managers I have talked to, simply dont understand how to set up a vector friendly facebook account. Is there a person we can submit our log in information to and have them set up the account for us? similar to how rising stock takes care of our financial matters, sets up accounts, and coaches us on monthly basis to maintain our accounts?

    • jecofield says:

      Hi Todd,

      Great question. This is the first step to segment your personal FB connections. When you say ‘vector friendly facebook accounts’, I assume you mean setting up a personal profile for your office. This is actually NOT something that we want to do, as Facebook’s TOS clearly state that profiles are supposed to be for people. The best thing for us to do is to create pages for our office, which is what the next video will be about… How to get your office’s page up and running.

      Does this answer your question?


  2. Alex Dickman says:

    good stuff. i believe this will help us take our business to the next level, and will also help myself when it comes to running my branch office this summer.

    • jecofield says:

      Glad to hear, Alex. This is just the first of the series to come. The how to’s to actually getting a page up and running will be coming soon!

  3. Ryan Quinlivan says:

    Hey Justin, How can I create a list of fan pages, so I can see other offices’ fan pages all in one place? Thanks!

    • jecofield says:

      Hi Ryan, Facebook just introduced ‘interests’ off to the left side of your newsfeed towards the bottom. You can add pages to an ‘interest category’ so you can view all the pages in a given interest in one spot. Hope that helps!

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