Generate Fans for Your Facebook Page by Text Message

I don’t watch much television. Most of what comes from mainstream programming is way too neg for me. When I am afforded the rare opportunity to waste some time (recently, 8:00 on Monday nights on ABC), I get more excited during the commercials. I like seeing what brands are innovating with their calls to action (CTA) than I do with the carefully crafted, population-dumbing programming.

During the Superbowl, six brands added a hashtag at the end of the commercial to encourage people to carry the conversation to twitter after the spot aired. When Audi included the #SoLongVampires hashtag at the end of their commercial, mentions of Audi quadrupled during the Super Bowl over the week prior, and #SoLongVampires became a trending topic on twitter. Adding a hashtag as the CTA is still new, and it will be interesting to see what, if any, the benefits will be for brands that experiment with this path.

What I have yet to see, however, is a frictionless way for brands to reap fans for their Facebook pages. Let me explain. Most CTAs say something along the lines of “like us on Facebook” or they give an address to go to a la The problem with these approaches is that I’m not going to go there unless I have a computer in front of me (imagine pulling out your phone, opening the browser or Facebook app, searching for the brand, etc.). And if I don’t do it right then, chances are likely I won’t remember to do it later.

With the rise of mobile, I’m surprised calls to action are not encouraging potential clients to like their page via text messaging. If the lure to become a fan remains the same (i.e. some sort of giveaway or contest), why not make the process of liking the page as frictionless as possible?

Here’s how this works.

After you’ve set up your page, been liked by at least 25 people, and grabbed your page’s username, or Vanity URL, you are ready to cease friction.

As you can see in the image, to get people to like your page, all they need to do is text:

Like [Your Page’s Username] to 32665

Benefits of encouraging people to like your page via text message:

  • It’s easy
  • They don’t have to search for your page
  • They don’t have to remember the URL to come back at a later point if they don’t have their computer handy.

A word of caution: When someone likes your page this way, they will get every update you make as a page via text message. Posting five or more times a day as your page is a guaranteed way to annoy people. You may want to encourage them to ‘unsubscribe’ via text message as this will not cause them to unlike your page. But use caution with the frequency of posts.

Reducing friction at this magnitude has the potential to greatly increase your fan base giving you more people who grant you permission to meaningfully engage them.

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