How to Set a Facebook Vanity URL

UPDATE on 5/3/2012: You no longer need to get 25 likes to set your Vanity URL.

As noted in the Branding Guidelines For Your Office’s Fan Pagesetting up a Facebook vanity URL for your page will reduce friction for people searching for your page. You will simply be able to direct people to .

There are a couple of important notes to remember when selecting a URL for your office:

  1. Include Vector Marketing in the name
  2. Include your office’s territory
  3. Refrain from slang or your office’s slogan that only your team knows

The reason for this is simple: URLs are heavily weighted by search engines, so it’s important to set the URL with keywords for which people are potentially searching. There is a high likelihood that people in your territory will search for Vector Marketing while the likelihood that someone in your territory will search for the dynasty office is slim to none.

For an A to Z explanation about how to set it up, watch the clip.

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