How to Tag a Fan of Your Page

One of the most common questions I get (besides “how do I set up a page for my office” is “How do I tag people who are fans of my page?

In this quick video, you’ll find out just how to do that.

A couple of things to remember:

  • You can only tag someone who you are personally friends with on Facebook. If you’re hesitant about accepting friend requests from people because of privacy concerns, find out how to create lists for your Facebook friends and set the privacy settings accordingly.
  • As a page, you cannot tag someone in an initial post. See the video for more details.
  • You CAN tag someone on your page if you make a post as the page and one of your fans comments on that post. See the video for more details.

In this tutorial, also learn how to:

  • Switch between using Facebook as your page so you can post as your page, and using Facebook as yourself so you can post on your page as you.
  • How to properly set the thumbnail of your profile picture so it represents your brand well
  • See what happens in Google search when your page is optimized effectively
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