Why to Include Your Office Address in Your Fan Page and in Google Places

Sometimes I think about what kinds of stories I’m going to tell my grandchildren, which leads me to then consider leaving the comfort of the Shire for own personal quest into Mordor so I can actually have a good story to tell them. With what’s been happening lately surrounding online privacy leads me to believe that the stories I’m going to tell my grandkids will start out along the lines of, “When I was your age, we had something called privacy…”

If you didn’t know, Google uses your IP address when you search so that it will, in its ‘all seeing eyes’, give you the most relevant search results based on your search location. Next time you’re on Google, look off to the left and you’ll see something like this: –>

I understand why they’re trying to make things more convenient for searchers, but as Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman, once observed:

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who created it.”

But I digress.

The real question lies in, for better or for worse, how can we use this tool get more visibility for content (i.e. websites, blog posts, articles, Facebook fan pages, etc.) we influence? By embracing this knowledge of how Google is running search, we can add another source of content we influence that will be prominently displayed in Google search results.

If I search for Vector Marketing Kitchenerhere is the result I get:

A few things that I notice from the search results that are influenced directly by the manager in that territory:

  1. The top result is the office’s fan page. Here are instructions about how to set up a Facebook fan page for your office and directions on how to set up your page so it follows Vector’s branding policy
  2. The Google Map shows the location of the office, which makes it easier for people to find.
  3. The fourth result down is the address that creates the map, through Google Places.

When the address is clicked on, a new window opens that shows a bit more information about the office as it’s represented in Google Places:

You can add pictures of your office so people can see what it looks like from the outside, ask your current reps to write reviews about their experience. Before you start trying to create this on your own, check your emails for a message from Fred sent at the end of January that explains how we will get a Google Place up and running for your office:

Why spend the time to do this?

Because it creates a site (your office’s Google Place profile) that ranks high in Google search that you can directly influence. You want your content to be in front of people when they search for Vector Marketing from an IP address in your territory.

Here’s a three minute video walking through what’s being explained.

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