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At the end of the next 3 minutes, you will know how to get your reps to like your office’s page by text messaging. I recommend using this tactic in Day 1 of training so they can be fully plugged into your team.

The thumbnail for your Facebook page’s profile image is going to be most people’s experience of your brand. Studies have shown that a very small percentage of your fans actually look at your page once they’ve liked it. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the most frequent impression they’re going to have of your brand when your posts hit their newsfeeds is your page’s thumbnail image.

How does the thumbnail for your office’s page look? Is it scaled to fit so that the image fits in the allotted space?

In the first example, the full logo fits the thumbnail, while in the second example, the logo is cut off at the edges. This image is what most people are going to see of your brand.

Here are three steps to making your thumbnail look crisp and clean:

Hover your mouse over the profile image on your page and select ‘Edit Profile Picture’.

When the drop down menu appears, select ‘Edit Thumbnail’.

Click the square that says ‘Scale to fit’ so that it’s checked, and the image fits in the window.

 Once you’ve done that, you will make sure your office will be represented in a clear and clean way to those who see your posts in their newsfeeds. (For those of you who are more advanced, this will mean that the schools you interact with as your page will see a clean brand). Which brings us to the next point:

Make sure your profile image is the authorized ‘Vector V’ logo. If your profile image does not look exactly like the one above, please click here to download the approved image. The profile image is the place for all our offices to be linked through the Vector brand, and the cover photo is the canvas for you to highlight your office’s culture and atmosphere. For a full guide about how to get your office’s timeline up and running, see this previous post.

Check out the differences between a search of Starbucks and a search of Vector Marketing on Facebook:

Starbucks has a consistent brand regardless of each store’s fan page you visit. Contrast that with the sporadic results that show up with Vector Marketing. Some of our pages don’t have the approved logos, and some of them haven’t yet scaled their profile image’s thumbnail.


And when we look at a grouping of several of our office’s pages side by side, you can see that we still have a long way to go to make sure our brand is consistent across area that links us all together:

Two things to check on your office’s fan page:

  1. Do you have the correct logo as your profile image? If not, click here and upload it to your page ASAP.
  2. Is your correct profile image scaled to fit so that the logo fills the thumbnail nicely.

By committing to do this, and by reminding your peers who might not have the proper logo to make the adjustment, we will all be working together to build a consistent brand with a great message. I’ll leave you with this quote:

“If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand.”

The average Facebooker spent 405 minutes facebooking in January 2012. Facebook, if left unchecked, can be one of the leading causes of wasted time on the internet… second only to videos of uber cute baby animals, like this video of a baby monkey slap boxing with a kitten.

Chances are, you’re a member of several groups, a fan of way too many pages, and you can’t seem to get updates from the people who you actually want to get updates about! (Click here to learn how to create lists so you actually see updates from those whose lives you’d like to stay actively involved.)

Recently, I’ve begun to schedule 15-20 minute Facebook increments, where I will check and engage with people on purpose during those 15 minutes. I do this roughly 3-4 times throughout the workday. Sometimes, it only takes five minutes, and others it takes the full 20. This has helped me streamline the time I spend on Facebook so I don’t spend over 5,000 minutes in a month on Facebook again… ever.

In this video, you’ll learn how to stay organized in the midst of group overload, how to block off time in your schedule, and how to Facebook with focus moving forward.

Do you have tips that help you? Share them in the comments.

As noted in the Branding Guidelines For Your Office’s Fan Pagesetting up a Facebook vanity URL for your page will reduce friction for people searching for your page. You will simply be able to direct people to .

There are a couple of important notes to remember when selecting a URL for your office:

  1. Include Vector Marketing in the name
  2. Include your office’s territory
  3. Refrain from slang or your office’s slogan that only your team knows

The reason for this is simple: URLs are heavily weighted by search engines, so it’s important to set the URL with keywords for which people are potentially searching. There is a high likelihood that people in your territory will search for Vector Marketing while the likelihood that someone in your territory will search for the dynasty office is slim to none.

For an A to Z explanation about how to set it up, watch the clip.

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Once you’ve created lists and categorized each of your friends (and set the privacy settings accordingly), and once you understand the branding guidelines for your office’s page, it’s time to actually set up the page.

The below video will walk you through the necessary steps to get your page up and running.



Here’s the good news: If you don’t have a page already set up for your office, we will do it for you! Click here and fill out the official fan page request form and follow the instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time.

If you have a page already, but don’t have your custom branded Vector logo, send us an email at and be sure to include your office’s name and we’ll create a custom logo for you.

A quick reminder about the branding guidelines for your office’s page: the custom Vector logo needs to be the profile picture, and the thumbnail should be set so that the “Vector V” is the only thing visible in the thumbnail.

NOTE: If you do already have a page, please add Stephanie W as a friend and make her an admin on your page. We won’t be posting on your page, but this will help us keep track of the pages we have that are live.

Facebook Training #2 is ready!

Does your office have a personal profile instead of a Page? This training is for you.

Click here to learn how to convert your office’s profile to a Facebook Page

Not since the clash of the titans have we seen a match up of such epic proportions. Since the June 28th rollout of Google+ several million people have rushed to the new shiney object in the room (guilty) to get one simple question answered: “Is this the real deal?”

At first glance, you might think Facebook already has all the features of Google+. Besides, why the heck would you want to go through the hassle of convincing your friends to hop on the Google+ Bandwagon (or GPB)?

What I’ve noticed so far is that this is exactly the type of social network that working professionals have been looking for. Check out Google+: The Complete Guide for everything to set you on the right course in this new world. So, why should you hop on the GPB?

  • Keep Your Friends Close & Your Colleagues Closer 

 Google+ Circles and Facebook Lists are very similar on the surface. Here’s the major difference: Google+ allows you to share what you want with whom you want, while Facebook only hides certain people from seeing your posts. For example, I have several lists that I have hidden from seeing posts, pictures and other links I share on Facebook. I have no way of directly sharing any nuggets of relevance with people in those hidden lists. Google+ allows me to include which circles I want to see on each post I share! This allows for a true separation between professional and social life for those who so desire. This, in my opinion, is reason enough to make the transition, and invite everyone you know to the GPB.

  • A Place Where the Beer Flows like Wine

A synergistic workflow between Google documents, calendars and Google+ makes this the place where I can share a google doc with co-workers in my ‘newsfeed’, and without flipping back and forth between screens, I can see what Mashable has shared most recently…. in the same newsfeed. The only thing similar within Facebook is Groups. But if you’ve ever wanted to share documents within a group, you know that your formatting is incredibly limited, and don’t even think about sharing a power point presentation or spreadsheet in group. Google’s synergy makes life better.

  • Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright

Currently I am paying a monthly subscription to Skype so I can group video chat with up to 10 people. July will be the last month of that subscription. Google+’s Hangouts feature allows users to group video chat with up to 10 people for free.

There are several other differences between the two networks, but to get a feel for them, you have to experience Google+ for yourself. I’ve had a great 7 years with Facebook (and we will never officially break up), but the more and more I get to know G+, the more it grows on me.

What are your experiences with Google+? What differenes do you notice?